Compensating foam pads

Posted in System components - for temperatures up to 145°C

Compensating foam pads

Compensating pads allow dilatation movements of an element at the end of straight section. They are made  of polyethylene with increased thermal stability and can be easily welded by hot air gun .

Other typical characteristics of pads are:

  •          high elasticity in temperatures-70°C to+85°C
  •          good shock absorption effect
  •          high terminal insulation ability
  •          low water absorption
  •          high resistance factor against water vapour diffusion
  •          good chemical resistance

Suspension characteristic  and compressive stress

  •          Material compressive stress at 25% deformity – 48 kPa
  •          Material compressive stress at  50% deformity– 116 kPa
  •          Material compressive stress at 75% deformity– 325 kPa

Thermal conductivity

Because this substance has small cells and small specific weight, it has as very good thermo-insulating ability - lambda = 0,040 W / mK.

The table of used dimensions ( pad width is standard h = 40 mm):