Preinsulated system for temperatures up to 150°C

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Pre-insulated piping for temperatures up to 150°C is offered as bonded pipe system, which means that service pipe, insulation and jacket pipe are one unit and PUR foam transfers the stress between them. The piping can be installed underground - protected in HDPE jacket, or aboveground - protected in SPIRO jacket. Bonded system moves as one unit and these movements are restricted by soil friction. Dilatation is solved using compensators or elbows.

Underground application:

Predizolovaný systém do 150°C

Above ground application:

Schéma predizolovaný systém SPIRO


pdf.gif  Základný cenník prvkov predizolovaného potrubia

pdf.gif  Kompletný katalóg predizolovaného potrubného systému

pdf.gif  Návod na montáž zaslepenia predizolovaného potrubia

pdf.gif  Návod na montáž jednorázového kompenzátora

pdf.gif  Montážna spojka

pdf.gif  Prevádzkovo bezpečnostné predpisy pre prácu s PUR